When I was young, what I loved most were the things and people that made me feel something. And I spent all the hours in the day filling my life with those things. When I found the love of my life, he became my everything, my dreams and my hope. And my focus and life shifted a little. Things seemed to be more about connecting all the dots of life. Fast forward a few years to the moment I met my first baby boy and the dots began to connect.

As a wife and mother you get tugged at - a lot. And it's the tug that makes life rich, but can also make you forget. You forget about all the things you used to love and start looking under the bed and in the trash and out the far-away window of yearning to see where your dreams went. But you learn, slowly, that they never went anywhere. It was just your illusion that they left you. In truth, you left them. But they sat quietly waiting. And waiting. Until you wake up bleary-eyed and you finally see them, smiling back, and you bathe in their inspiration.

This small corner is where I've decided to gather my thoughts, share my feelings and rediscover myself time and time again.