Frequently Asked Questions


Why don't you shoot families greater than 6?

Shooting families is tough. Catching the whole family, at flattering angles, with smiles on their faces, in the perfect light... it's REALLY tough. The more people in the equation, the harder it is. Especially when kids are young. Adding more people to the equation also begins to limit the artistic ability from my point of view. Instead of being able to get creative with how I capture you, I start focusing on keeping people together and we end up posing everyone.  

Do you shoot events?

I don't. I've shot weddings and other non-wedding events, it's just not my cup of tea. I enjoy small, intimate sessions without an agenda. Getting up close and personal with you and your small family is what I do best.

Do you offer Mini Sessions?

I do not. Because I only offer in-home Closer sessions, I've found that full sessions are best to capture great moments. Feeling rushed to complete in an allotted time really stresses people out about getting a good photo.

Do you shoot Newborns or Birth Stories?

As much as I love newborns, I don't. I know how much I cherish photos of my babies right after they were born, but newborn photography is just not a strength of mine.

Birth Stories are probably one of my favorite things to shoot, but because babies generally make their grand entrance whenever they see fit, it's too hard for me to commit to Birth Stories. Once my little ones become more independent, I'm hoping I'll be able to offer these to my clients.

What's the process to book a session?

After you've determined what type of session you'd like, click on the "BOOK ____ SESSION" button. From there, you'll fill out a quick questionnaire about yourself. Within that questionnaire, it will ask for 3 dates you're available for our session. Once we've determined a date, you will pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure your session on my calendar. When the deposit has been paid, you're all set for our session!

How much is my deposit?


(Click to pay deposit)

What happens AFTER our shoot?

After our shoot, you'll receive an email from me with a link to your online gallery. From there you will be able to download all your high-resolution images. Not only will you be able to download them, you'll be able to share them directly to Facebook, Twitter or via email. You will also be able to order your professionally printed photos straight from your gallery. Your gallery will stay active for 30 days, giving you an email reminder when you have 14 days remaining, to download/print your images before it expires. Once your gallery expires, your images will not be accessible.

Is it ok if I don't order prints from you?

Absolutely. You are more than welcome to download your high-resolution images and take them to be printed else where. I provide all my clients with a Print Release Form. I do feel that it is my job to give you the best images possible, whether it be a .jpeg file or a print. With that said, I cannot guarantee the quality of your prints if you order them else where. 

What's so great about your printing service?

Their name is ProDPI. They are a professional printing service, providing the highest quality output for your images. I've worked with them for years and they've always done a phenomenal job, conveniently delivering your photos to your front door. My computer monitor color is calibrated to their printers. That means when I edit your photos and you order prints, the green leaves and grass will remain the color they're supposed to be and not end up a crazy bright lime-green color (we've all had this happen before, admit it).

Click here to check out the printing options I'm able to offer through my printing service.