The Little Things - Vol. Two

Today seems like an appropriate day to post things I'm grateful for.


- Hitting all the green lights on our commute to preschool... Which is from downtown SLC to the suburbs up North (that's a lot of lights!)

- The way Cohen looks at Noah with a sweet little smirk

- The way Brandon reassures me, calms me and makes me feel loved

- When a stranger held the door open for me while my arms were full of bags and children in the pouring rain

- Brandon doing the dishes 

- When I rock Cohen to sleep at night, the way I hear Brandon and Noah talking about superheroes and their alter egos as he gives him a bath

- When Noah grabs my cheeks with his little hands, pulls my face to his and gives me an Eskimo kiss with the sweetest smile from ear to ear

- That I have a daycare that I trust with my boys when I need an afternoon of peace and quiet and a husband that supports me dropping the boys off for a couple of hours

- The way our house and street is covered with leaves, it's been a good autumn this year

- Noah's dance moves & dance parties with my boys

- This conversation with Noah:

   "Mom? What does 'you crack me up' mean?"

   "It means you think someone is funny and they make you laugh." 

   "Yep. You definitely crack me up mom!" 


- When Brandon let me sleep in until NOON and my sweet Cohen snuggled and slept with me

- When Brandon talks about things he's passionate about

- Our home and how it's slowly becoming our space  

- Good friends and how Salt Lake has welcomed us back with open arms

- The way Brandon puts the tree together every year and asks me every 5 minutes if it looks okay. And it always looks perfect, even if it leans to the right every time