A Reminder - Life is Short

Sometimes you need a fender-bender to remind yourself that life is too short and you need to hug the ones you love most way more often than not. 


Cohen and I got rear ended and it scared me and it scared him and we're both ok. Life is fragile and short and I just want to sit at home the rest of my life with my boys in my arms so they will always know that I love them. So I can always protect them.  

P.S. If I ever see anyone behind the wheel on their phone, you can count on me writing your plate down and turning you in.  

Even if we're best friends. 

My baby was on the receiving end of that today and those first few moments of his scream and crys were terrifying and I never want to experience that again.

P.P.S The first thing I did when we finally got home was googled SUV's with the highest safety ratings.