Noah Says - Vol. One

I've decided to make a collective post of things Noah says to me that are too funny or sweet that I want to always remember. 

I actually blog from my phone, so jumping on my phone to add to the list is a piece of cake and an easy way for me to keep the list going. And I know if I write it in a book somewhere, I'll lose it. Because I'm horrible at remembering where I put things... Ask my husband if you don't believe me.


• Noah walks up to me with a fruit snack in hand: 

"Can you open this please? Then I need you to close your eyes." 

"Why do I need to close my eyes?" 

"Because you said I couldn't have any treats, so I'm sneaking one." 


 • Noah came walking around the corner with my tea in his hands:

"Hey mom, I got your tea for you. Did you know that I LOVE tea? Did you want me to drink it for you? I'm a good helper with tea drinking." 


• I was looking at my phone and Noah walks to up to me and lifts my chin with his hand: 

"I love you. I love you to infinity and beyond!" 


• He asks if he can watch: 

"Sleeping Booty." 


• He dressed up as Superman and said: 

"Watch out, I got laser beans I can shoot you wif." 


• As we were playing on the floor with Cohen: 

"Mom? Where is Cohen from?"

"Hmmm. I don't know, where do you think?" 

"Probably Target. They have some really great things there." 


• This one actually happened right after we moved back to Salt Lake. We were at the SLC library and I was asking the librarian a question, Noah chimes in: 

"Hi, I'm Noah." 

"Hi Noah. You just moved here? Where did you move from?" 

"New York City." 

"Oh, wow! That's far away!" 

"Yep. And there's lots of apples and taxi's. And I always yell 'TAXI, TAXI!' " 

(as he pretends to hail a cab) 

I then clarified we had just moved from Centerville.


Ok, these next ones are a bit risqué. Please don't judge my parenting. Thanks! 


• Noah was watching Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles with Brandon: 

"Dad, do the ninja turtles pee? Cause I didn't see their wieners, so I wasn't sure." 


• I was combing Noah's hair one morning and he wouldn't sit still, so I asked him to focus on the words on my shirt... Which were across my chest:

"So, you want me to look at your boobs?! Well, I don't like your boobs. They make me mad."