The Little Things - Vol. One

I've seen/read posts like this before and think it's one I'd like to adopt. Through out the month (or so) I'm going to make a list of the little things I'm grateful for/love. Once the list is complete, I'll post it here on my journal. I think this will be good for me to reflect back on as a reminder of how great life is, especially on days that aren't so great.  


Here goes. 


- I love when Brandon calls me unexpectedly in the middle of the day for nothing more than to say hello and see how I'm doing

- The way Noah sings If You're Happy and You Know It:  "If you're happy and your nose clap your hands!"

- Cohen's booty shake. It's really an attempt at crawling, but turns into a booty shake and it's adorable and funny and always makes us laugh

- The way Noah tells a story for a solid 10 minutes with minimal breaths of air

- When Brandon lies next to Noah's bed at night and approximately 15 minutes later I catch them in a synchronized snore

- The way Cohen lays his head on my shoulder as I'm holding him - his snuggles 

- When I'm driving somewhere and I suddenly hear a sweet little voice singing a song and the way he only really ever knows half the lyrics and makes the rest up

 - How Noah calls a mummy a mumma (I don't ever want to correct him because I think it's adorable)

- Brandon's laugh