The Little Things - Vol. Three

- The mid-day light that comes pouring through our windows, filling the rooms. It's beautiful and still takes my breath away

- Friends that are always happy to hangout at odd hours/not always the most exciting settings due to naps or any other circumstances from having small children

- The way Noah's face lights up over anything Christmas related. I'm constantly on the verge of tears watching the joy in his sweet face

- How Brandon gets the boys laughing uncontrollably. There's no sound sweeter

- Being able to stay home and spend time with my boys. It's been an interesting transition going from full time work/daycare to home all day with each other, but I couldn't be happier

- The way Cohen sucks his thumb and rests his head on my shoulder


- When we get the kids in bed and (I) sneak a giant bowl of ice cream and watch Netflix in our pj's  

- I secretly love Brandon's REALLY bad and majorly inappropriate jokes

- When Noah sings songs to Cohen

- The way Cohen twirls the strings of my hoodie up in his fingers and sucks his thumb while they're still in his fingers


This past year has had more ups and downs for our little family than we've had in a really long time. It's been a year of learning and growing and figuring out how to let go and moving on.  


And I'm grateful for all of it.