Noah Says - Vol. Two

• Leading up to Christmas, Noah would ask if he could get, "...just ONE toy, pleeeeease?" a lot. So, Brandon and I told him he had to wait to see what Santa brought him. Once again, we're at the store and the same question about a toy is asked. I tell him he has to wait to see what Santa brings. He then proceeds to out smart me by saying: 

"Well, just call Santa and tell him not to come. Then you could get me a toy right now." 


• We were talking about age and he says: 

"When am I going to turn five? Because it's taking a very long time to turn me five." 


• As Noah is putting on a hodge-podge super hero costume: 

"Is it summer yet? Because I really need to go fight crime, but I can't in the winter. It's too cold and the bad guys just stay inside." 


• Noah just learned the story of the Three Little Pigs and asked: 

"Is our house made of bricks?" 

"Yep, it sure is." 

"Oh, good. Now I'm not so worried about the big, bad wolf huffing and puffing our house down." 

He now points out all the brick houses in Salt Lake, which is basically every house. 


• We were playing in Noah's room and he looks over and offers me a snack. I assumed he meant a pretend snack from his play kitchen and tell him I'd love a snack. He says: 

"Ok. What do you want?" 

He then proceeds to pull out fruit leathers, trail mix and granola bars that he had stuffed in his pillow case.

 "So, you can only pick one. I'm saving the rest for when I need a snack, when I don't want my dinner."


• Noah was scrolling through some texts on my phone: 

"Wow, there's a lot of details in here." 



• I asked Noah to put his "Michael Jordan" shoes (they're just tennis shoes) on. He says: 

"Yeah, I'll do that for you. Cause then people will see me and say 'What a cool Michael Jordan kid'."