Birth Stories

In the blink of an eye, your entire life changes. And in those moments where you’re cutting the umbilical cord and getting measurements, it can be a complete, euphoric blur.

That’s where I come in.

Being a mother of 2 young boys and lucky enough to witness nearly a dozen births over the past few years, has opened my eyes to the birth process and its amazement and beauty. I know Birth Stories aren’t for everyone, but, if it’s something you’re considering, let’s talk.

Just know, Birth’s aren’t something I take lightly. I understand the sacredness they hold.

The day of the birth, I keep a very low profile in the delivery room, my goal is to go unnoticed. I’m a ghost in the room, quietly freezing these moments in time for you to cherish forever.

Birth Story

I’ll be there to capture the laboring prior to the birth, the birth, umbilical cord cutting, measurements, skin to skin and nursing. You can expect me to spend about an hour after the actual delivery catching those first moments.

Starting at $600


When should I book my Birth Story?

As soon as you've confirmed your pregnancy and have a firm due date. I block my calendar out from when you're 36 weeks to delivery so I am able to make it to your birth. The further the notice I have of your due date, the better the likelihood of my availability.

At what point do you come to the hospital?

When you are dilated to 5/6 cm.

What if I go into labor early?

Once your non-refundable deposit is paid, I block my calendar and am "on-call" to you from 36 weeks to delivery. If birth occurs prior to 36 weeks, I will do whatever I can to be available for your birth. If I am unable to make it, you will not be charged the remaining balance of the Birth Story fee.
All deposits made are non-refundable.

Are you in the room when I'm being checked by nurses?

That's entirely up to you. I generally turn my back, but have no issue leaving the room. This is YOUR birth. Whatever you're most comfortable with is what works for me.

How do you maintain my privacy when photographing my birth?

We will talk about what you are comfortable with in your Birth Story, as what is "modest" to me may not be "modest" to you.
With that said, I pride myself and ability to capture amazing things, like birth, and still maintain your privacy. I make sure all your photos are kept modest, yet beautiful. I want you to be able to share your gallery with your father-in-law without batting an eye.
I have a firm understanding of the birthing process and am able to capture your birth in a timeless manner.

What if I'm having a cesarean delivery?

It will be your responsibility to confirm that your hospital allows photographers present for cesarean deliveries. You will also need to confirm how many individuals are allowed in the OR and plan accordingly.

Will you come back to photograph my older child(ren) meeting our newborn?

If you are able to have your older child(ren) brought to the hospital within the first hour after birth in which I'm capturing skin-to-skin, measurements & nursing, then yes. I would love to capture your older child(ren) meeting their newest sibling. However, I will not be able to wait for siblings to come beyond that first hour, following the birth.

What if something unexpected happens at my birth?

If at any time you're uncomfortable with my presence, you can absolutely ask me to step out. Whether that's because you've had to make some changes to your birth plan or something unexpected has happened, I will be there to be a support in documenting your birth, in whatever that ends up looking like for you.

Do you offer Newborn/Fresh 48 Sessions?

I currently do not offer Newborn or Fresh 48 Sessions.